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Why wait for the holidays to give a gift to your loved one? With 10 Dollar Mall dishing out huge discounts all over the place, you could give a gift to your beloved every single month. 10 Dollar Mall has got it all, from clothing to accessories for men, women and children. If you are having trouble which gift to choose, I have a list here for you. more
10 Dollar Mall Consumer Q&A
It depends. Where are you shipping from and where are you shipping to? The distance plays an important part as well. I suggest that you shop at sites that offer free shipping or a standard fee for shipping. Otherwise, you may be charged by volumetric weight which would be quite substantial since I a... more
I live in the Caribbean and want to order from 10 Dollar Mall using my international debit card. I want to ship to a place in the United States. I dont want my funds to be placed on hold because they dont accept international debit cards. more
I would definitely not send any form of ID to any company. It looks like a scam and if I were you I would contact the Better Business Bureau at this link and ask them about it and report a possible fraud. I could very well be wrong but your bank tells you never to give ... more
10 Dollar Mall Overview
10 Dollar Mall is a website which sells women's clothing, men's clothing, kids clothing, women's bags, fashion accessories, women's apparel, discounted clothes, wholesale clothing and much more all for 10 dollars or less. This site is great for all who love to make daily purchases on cloth's and apparel at low prices. They offer their products in following categories: Women - Tops, Dressess, Active Wear, Women Perfumes, Women Hats, Make up, etc., Men - Shirts, Mens Bottoms, Mens Colognes, Mens sunglasses, Underwear, etc., Plus Size - Tops, Bottoms, Dresses and Lingerie. Kids - Girls infants, toddlers, shoes, Boys infants, toddlers ... more
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